# Event Horizon API

# event_add_listener(eventName, eventMethod)

Add an event listener which will call eventMethod when the provided eventName event is fired with event_fire().

This function returns a struct to be passed to event_remove_listener() to clean up later.

@desc Add a listener to an event. Provide the event name, and either a number representing the user event number, or a combo of event category and type. See examples for info.
@param {String} eventName    The name of the event to add a listener to
@param {Method} eventMethod  The method/function to run when the event is fired
@returns {Struct}            A struct describing the listener for use with event_remove_listener()

// Listen for the "hurtPlayer" event and subtract 1 from health when it fires
var listener = event_add_listener("hurtPlayer", function() {
  health -= 1;

# event_remove_listener(listener)

Removes an event listener. Use this to clean up an event listener added with event_add_listener(). listener is the returned value from event_add_listener().

This should run on the destroy or clean up event of an object, or when you no longer want the listener to run.

@param {Struct} listener  The listener to remove as returned from event_add_listener

// Create and then remove a listener
var listener = event_add_listener("hurtPlayer", function() {
  health -= 1;


# event_fire(eventName [, eventData])

Fires an event, running all listeners that are currently set up for the event. Optionally, provide a value which will be passed in to the method for all listeners as the first argument.

@param {String} eventName
@param {Mixed} optionalData

# event_system_debug()

Prints out debugging information about the event system to the console.