# Installing .yymp Packages

GM Core packages are distributed primarily as .yymp (or .yymps for GMS 2.3, but its the same process) files. These files are GameMaker packages which can be easily imported into an existing GameMaker: Studio 2 project.

# Guide

First, download the .yymp(s) file. This guide will assume you downloaded gdash.yymp to your ~/Downloads folder.

  1. In your GameMaker project, click "Tools" on the top menu
  2. Select "Import Local Package"
  3. Navigate to the downloaded .yymp file in the file explorer (~/Downloads/gdash.yymp)
  4. Double click on the .yymp file
  5. An "Import Resources" window will open up. Click "Add All" in the middle.
  6. Click "Import" (leave the checkbox unchecked)

You should now see the resources in your resource tree.