# Particore

Simplified particle type generation for GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker: Studio 2

# Download and Install

Download the latest release and import into GameMaker Studio.

Browse older releases and source downloads on the releases page

For instructions on importing yymp files, see Installing .yymp Packages

# What Particore Does

Particore is largely a convenience wrapper around the part_type functions. The part_type functions require you to always provide the particle ID you want to customize, and require a lot of arguments, which can often be useless. Particore wraps these functions to provide a quick control flow as well as reasonable defaults for most of these values, so that you only specify what you need to.


// Create a new particle and mark it as the active particle type
partType = pt_new();

// Set some properties on this particle type!
pt_speed(2, 5);
pt_life(60, 120);

# Defaulting

Since Particore allows you to omit most arguments, it uses a defaulting strategy that is as follows:

  1. For min and max values, omitting the max sets it to the min value.
  2. For boolean values, the default is false.
  3. For numeric values (besides min/max), the default is 0. (Few exceptions)
  4. For particle functions with a 2 and 3 version (color and alpha), argument count determines which function is used.