GM Core

Foundational utilities for GameMaker: Studio

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GM Core utilities come packaged as simple importable yymp files or scripts and create no overhead on your project.


GM Core scripts all come with extenisve in-script documentation and auto-complete/code suggestion support.

Free & Open Source

All GM Core code is completely free and licensed under the MIT License so you can use them without worry.

# Functional Utilities with gdash

Use gdash to make your everyday scripting a little easier...

// Reverse the items in your inventory
var items = ["bag of holding", "ancient gem", "annoying dog"];
var reversed = _backward(items);
_log(reversed) // ["annoying dog", "ancient gem", "bag of holding"]

// Get all the nearby enemies
var enemies = _collect(obj_enemy);
var nearbyEnemies = _filter(enemies, is_near_player);

// Or just type a little less...
var playerData = _map_of(
  "health", 30,
  "mana", 20


# Custom Global Events with Event Horizon

Use Event Horizon to add an event pub/sub setup to your project...


// Elsewhere...
event_add_listener("gunshot", function() {

# Simple Online Networking with Patchwire

Use Patchwire to make a simple online game...


net_cmd_add_handler("connected", function() {
  show_debug_message("Connected to server");

net_cmd_add_handler("newPlayer", function(data) {
  show_debug_message(data[? "name"] + " has joined!");

net_connect("", 3000);

# Easy Timing with Delta

Use Delta to easily scale everything to real time...

moveSpeed = 5;

// Scale my speed up or down depending on how much real time has passed.
speed = d(moveSpeed);

# Painless Particles with Particore

Use Particore to improve the ergonomics of building particles in code...

partType = pt_new();
pt_speed(2, 5);
pt_life(60, 120);

# Test Your Code with GMTest

Use GMTest to write tests for your code...

test_describe("hurt_player", function() {
  test_it("subtracts from the health of the player", function() {
    health = 100;
    assert_equal(health, 90);